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  • Standard

    Hammock #3 is a small and very lightweight hammock. Ideal for children, short people or even a large adult. Suggested for camping, traveling, taking to the beach or enjoying a “siesta”

    $65.00 USD
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  • Small

    Hammock #4 is for one adult person. It is a light and strong hammock. We recommend it for camping and traveling. Easy carrying, easy handling.

    $80.00 USD
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  • Medium

    Hammock #5 is a resistant and comfortable hammock. We recommend it for one person. It is the ideal in between size. you may share it with someone else.

    $90.00 USD
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  • Large

    Hammock #6 for two or more people. (Up to 1,400 pounds). A very strong and resistant hammock. You will love it!!

    $100.00 USD
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  • XL

    Hammock #7 is the largest hammock we carry in stock. A whole family can fit in. You will have a lot of fun with it, The larger the hammock the more comfortable it will be. This holds true even for one person. The general rule is to get the largest hammock you can reasonably afford.

    $120.00 USD
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  • American hammock

    American style hammock. It is a very decorative hammock because of its beauty and size. Highly recommended for gardens, balconies, pool aereas and terraces.

    $140.00 USD
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  • Thick Cord Hammock

    This hammock has been woven in a thick cord. One size only: Large. This is a really big hammock. You may share it with somebody else. Recommended for heavy duty use at hotels, resorts, restaurants and public areas.

    $140.00 USD
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  • American De Luxe Style Hammock

    The American De Luxe Style Hammock with Crochet Handmade Fringe is a beautiful decorative piece, full of details. It's an extremely beautiful and comfortable Hammock. Because of its beauty, size and shape, is the perfect "must have" for an afternoon siesta, or just reading or hanging out. Highly recommended for balconies, pool areas, gardens and terraces.

    $185.00 USD
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  • Mercerized Cotton

    Outdoor resistant.The best handmade Mayan Hammock in the world. There is no another one as comfortable and lasting as this hammockl!!. Our Company is the one and only in the market usinig this material. It may be enjoyed by two or three people at the same time.  This high quality hammock is a limited production. We manufactured only 50 pieces and in a yellow color as showed in the picture.

    $140.00 USD
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  • Custom Hammocks

    Mexican Hammocks will fullfill any custom order including national flags, sport logos, cartoon characters, personal names, or any other design of your choice.

    $0.00 USD

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