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Build a sustainable organization that empowers underserved communities, drives economic impact and adds meaning & value to its customers.


ALLEVIATE POVERTY, PROMOTE GENDER EQUALITY and inspire social entrepreneurship that transforms society.

About Us

Cielo Hammocks is a socially driven organization that seeks to alleviate poverty and promote gender equality through the manufacture and distribution of hammocks world wide.

Cielo Hammocks is the ONLY Fair Trade Federation Member and a B Corp Certified hammock in the market place. This reflects on our commitment to give back to the communities we serve.

For over 10 years, we have worked very hard to promote the ancient art of Mayan hammock weaving world wide. We are extremely proud of our Mayan ancestry and the beauty of its history and craftsmanship.

Our Award Winning Business concept is called SHE Network (Sustainable Holistic Empowerment Network) for Social Impact and Social Entrepreneurship. Our Sustainability comes from running a profitable hammock business. The Holistic component comes from the integrated approach of not limiting ourselves to provide just jobs but also act in other aspects to help improve their overall living conditions. Empowerment comes with the economic independence that results from being lifted out of poverty. The Network represents the institutions that make this impact possible as well as each family of weavers and their communities. This fully integrated model creates a symbiotic relationship where we mutually benefit from improved living conditions of our weavers. Our Cielo Family, includes Fundacion Cielo, Cielo Hamacas, Cielo Guayaberas & Cielo Adventure; organizations that share the same values and philosophy.

Cielo Hammocks provides the men and women from Mayan villages the raw material to hand-weave each one of our hammocks from the comfort of their homes. When they have finished weaving the hammocks, a Cielo Hammocks “Leader” will visit them to collect the woven product. Because we only suggest color combinations to our weavers, the actual final design of the bed of the hammock is absolutely unique and an expression of the artist, that is "our weavers".

Weavers work on the hammocks in order to supplement their family income. Since weaving is done at home, at their own individual schedules, working conditions are flexible and far better than working at a factory or in the fields. This work model allows them to weave hammocks and take care of their children at the same time.

Cielo Hammocks, provides our weavers with all the raw materials needed to build the hammocks, therefore, there is absolutely no economic constraint or investment on their part. This allows us to use high quality materials to make the most comfortable and unique hammocks in the world.

We do not ask people in conditions of poverty to take on burdensome and complicated loans in order to improve their economic situation, which is the case in Micro-Finance. Rather, we take on all the investments in materials, transportation, and sales, leaving the weavers to invest only their time.

All the hammocks we collect are transported and stored in our warehouse facilities. At the warehouse, each hammock is then carefully inspected for quality control and standardization.

We hope you have enjoyed learning more about the ancient art of Mayan hammock weaving and the people who make it possible!

To book a weaving class, visit our weavers or enjoy the Yucatan region and all it has to offer, please send us an email (sales@cielohammocks.com).


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